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技術顧問 伊東恵司



Profile – Keishi Ito, Conductor

Born in 1967, in Kyoto, Japan. He obtained B.A. in the post modern art theory from Doshisha University. In his university days, he was Doshisha Glee Club’s student conductor and studied under Yoichiro Fukunaga, an unrivaled maestro in Japan. Since 1990 he started as a choir conductor for all genres of choirs, male choir, female choir, mixed choir and children choir. He was awarded 21 Gold Medals in the All Japan Choirs Contest and won the Gran Prix in Takarazuka Chamber Choirs Contest. His overseas performances include in European countries such as Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria and Kosovo, and Boston in USA. Furthermore he was invited to perform in MusicFest Vancouver in Canada, Asia-Pacific Choir Festival in Singapore and the 10th World Symposium on Choral Music in Seoul, South Korea. He writes lyrics for chorus and articles on choral music and method in music journals. He is one of leading choir conductors in Japan. A member of the children choirs committee in Japan Choral Association. A trustee of Japan Choral Directors Association.

東 大生

  【東 大生プロフィール】

指揮を伊東恵司(イトウ ケイシ)氏、栢森和重(カヤモリ カズシゲ)氏に師事。
5歳からピアノを伊藤嘉代(イトウ カヨ)氏に師事し、現在も継続中。
13回万里の長城杯国際音楽コンクール ピアノ高校の部第4位。

Profile - Taisei Azuma, Student Conductor

Studied conducting under Keishi Ito and Kazushige Kayamori. Started to learn the piano at the age of 5 under Kayo Ito and still continues. Won the 4th prize in the high school piano section of the 13th Great Wall Cup International Music Contest. For 6 year he was a member of Kyoto City Boys Choir. In his junior and senior high schools, he was a member of the school orchestra and played the violin and participated the 26th National Cultural Festival as an orchestra member to perform Mozart’s “Magic Flute” .